Rosetta Basilio (Under the Piano)

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Rosetta Basilio
Portrayed by Megan Follows
Appears in Under the Piano[1]
Year 1995

Rosetta Basilio is a main character in the Under the Piano.

Character creation

The movie is inspired by the real-life sisters Dolly and Henrietta Giardini (the latter being autistic). Actress Megan Follows spoke with Dolly about Henrietta, and also observed and spoke with Henrietta herself. Follows had also seen Rain Man when it first came out in 1988 and rewatched it to prepare for Under the Piano.[2]

Andrea Rifkin, director of a group home for autistic children, served as a consultant for the movie. She also did consulting on the movie David's Mother.[3]


Rosetta is described as an autistic savant in the movie's trailer[4] and as autistic on the official website.[1]


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