Rudy Marsman (Marsman)

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Rudy Marsman
David Cantens as Rudy Marsman: a man in his thirties with light skine tone, buzzed brown hair, and some beard stubble. He's wearing a sweater with The Little Prince on it. He has old-school headphones around his neck.
Portrayed by David Cantens
Appears in Marsman
Debut episode 1: "De Mannen van Mars" ("The Men of Mars")
Year 2014

Rudy Marsman is a major character in the comedy-drama series Marsman.

Character creation

Writer Mathias Sercu had previously written the theatre piece Frederik about two autistic men, Frederik and Bart. Frederik was portrayed by Sercu, and Bart by David Cantens, who plays Rudy in Marsman. Inspired by Frederik and Cantens, Sercu started developing Marsman.

Sercu has an autistic brother and both him and his parents have been very active in autism advocacy in Belgium. He is godfather of the organisation Victor vzw, which provides support for autistic people and their family.[1]

Actor David Cantens also has an autistic family member.[2][3]


After the death of their mother, Nico Marsman struggles to keep his life on the rails: he gets fired, his wife leaves him, conflict starts brewing in his band, and he has to take care of his younger brother Rudy.


Jurgen Delnaet as Nico and David Cantens as Rudy Marsman. They are sitting at the breakfast table, looking and point at each other. Nico is a man in his forties with light skin tone, red hair and a receding hairline, and a short beard. He is wearing a beige sweater and black glasses. Rudy is wearing old-school heapdhones around his neck, and a blue-with-green patterned track sweater.
Nico and Rudy repeat their mother's motto "no one here is crazy" to each other
Family tree. Yvonne Marsman and Armand Marsman have 2 children: Rudy Marsman and Nico Marsman. Nico is married to Vera, and they have one child: Femke Marsman. Femke's partner is Veronique van Wassenhove.
  • Nico Marsman: Nico's older brother by 10 years. Though Nico tries, he struggles to take care of Rudy after the passing of their mother.
  • Yvonne: Nico and Rudy's mother, and Rudy's primary caregiver up until her death. Her motto—and by extension that of the Marsman family—is "no one here is crazy" ("niemand is hier zot").
  • Femke Marsman: Nico's daughter. Independent and far more mature than her parents, Femke gets along well with Rudy and sort of takes on the role of her recently deceased grandmother.
  • Dominique van Wassenhove: Femke's girlfriend, studies fashion, and wants to make her own fashion line. She quickly becomes part of the Marsman family.


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