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Appears in SCP Foundation
Year 2009

SCP-134 is a character within the SCP Foundation universe.

Character creation

SCP-134's picture seems to be adapted from the "Shy Chinese girl" image on Wikimedia Commons.[1]


SCP-134 was taken into custody of the SCP Foundation after reports of a deformed child left in an orphanage in Yokohama, Japan. She is housed within a humanoid containment cell by the SCP Foundation. Her room is decorated much like a child's room, with Hello Kitty sheets, children's books, a dollhouse, and a variety of stuffed animals. She receives tutoring in general education and in Braille (since she is completely blind).

Because of her autistic traits, she was assigned a childhood development specialist, who suggested she be nicknamed Stella instead of her SCP number. Because this specialist later developed an inappropriate report with SCPs he worked with, other personnel was instructed to avoid using the nickname Stella.


SCP-134 appears to be a young Asian girl. In place of her eyes are large black voids covered by a membrane. One can see an unidentified region in intergalactic space in her eye sockets - this remote terminus moves from time to time.


SCP-134 is indicated to have "behavioral symptoms similar to those seen in high-functioning autistic children" such as resistance to change and patterned behavior.[2] When SCP-134 appears in the Habil and Qabil sitcom, it is indicated that her autism seems to be absent.[3]


  • SCP-458, a pizza box that conjures a person's preferred pizza, gave SCP-134 a small pizza with thin crust, topped with onions, anchovies and olives.[4]
  • When photographed with SCP-978, a camera that shows what the photographed subjects wants to be doing, SCP-134 is shown floating unharmed in the vacuum of space, curled into the fetal position with her eyes closed.[5]


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