Saga Norén (The Bridge)

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Saga Norén
Portrayed by Sofia Helin
Appears in The Bridge (Swedish: Bron, Danish: Broen)
Debut season 1, episode 1
Year 2011

Saga Norén is the main character of Danish-Swedish Scandinoir television series The Bridge (Swedish: Bron, Danish: Broen).

Character creation

The character was initially not written as autistic, rather, the writers started from the idea of a female detective with absolutely no social skills as a counterpart to the more sociable male lead, Martin, as a way to subvert the traditional dreary male lead in detective series [1] Actress Sofia Helin read books by people with Apserger's to better understand Saga's thought processes.


Autism is not mentioned within the series itself, however actress Sofia Helin does remark that she considers Saga to have Asperger's [2][3]


Saga's character has been very well received by autistic people.[4]


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