Portrayed by Molly Harmon
Appears in Lizard Girl
Year 2014

Sam is a character in the British short film Lizard Girl.


Sam is a 10-year-old at home over the half term holidays. She makes acquaintances with Callum, the brother of her younger sister's friend. Sam becomes enthralled by Callum's skateboard and wants one of her own. Her mother says she won't get a skateboard until Christmas, so Sam decides to make one herself and show it to Callum at the skate park. His friends make fun of her and Callum feels embarrassed by Sam, so she leaves. Callum apologises by way of giving her one of his old skateboards, and she takes to practicing skateboarding by herself. She wants to show her newly learnt skills to Callum at the skate park, and despite his insistence to leave and his friends' taunting, she lays down a sick skateboarding trick, making the boys realise how wrong they were. Callum and Sam then become friends.


Sam is described as having Asperger's syndrome in the film's synopsis.[1][2]

She has a special interest in lizards and has a pet chameleon named Chameleon.


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