Sash Gilbert

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Sash Gilbert[1]
Portrayed bySophie Henderson[2]
Appears inCasualty
Debutseason 30, episode 22: "Step Right Up"

Sash Gilbert is a one-time character in the British medical drama series Casualty.

Character creation[edit]

Sash is portrayed by Sophie Henderson, an autistic actress. Henderson had previously only worked in theatre, making this her television debut.[3]


The character is stated to be autistic by her mother.

The BBC listed some links to autism-related organisations on the Casualty page on their website. These were the National Autistic Society, the Autism Education Trust, Research Autism, Scottish Autism, PEAT and Peach.[4]


The episode has received praise for pointing out that not all autistic people are alike and for moving away from the Rain Man stereotype.[5]

Episode list[edit]


  • season 30, episode 22: "Step Right Up"

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