Sash Gilbert (Casualty)

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Sash Gilbert
Portrayed by Sophie Henderson[1]
Appears in Casualty
Debut season 30, episode 22: "Step Right Up"
Year 2016

Sash Gilbert [2] is a one-time character in the British medical drama series Casualty.

Character creation

Sash is portrayed by Sophie Henderson, an autistic actress. Henderson had previously only worked in theatre, making this her television debut.[3]


The character is stated to be autistic by her mother.

The BBC listed some links to autism-related organisations on the Casualty page on their website. These were the National Autistic Society, the Autism Education Trust, Research Autism, Scottish Autism, PEAT and Peach.[4]


The episode has received praise for pointing out that not all autistic people are alike and for moving away from the Rain Man stereotype.[5]

Episode list


  • season 30, episode 22: "Step Right Up"

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