Sayama Taku (Liaison)

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Sayama Taku
Ikusaburo Yamazaki as dr. Sayama Taku: a mid-to-late thirties East-Asian man. He has brown hair that is half tied up, with bangs on both sides. He's wearing a grey sweater and beige overcoat. He has a neutral expression on his face.
Portrayed by Ikusaburo Yamazaki[1]
Appears in Liaison (リエゾン-こどものこころ診療所-, Liaison: Kodomo no Kokoro Shinryojo, tl. Liaison: Children's Heart Clinic)
Debut episode 1
Year 2023

Doctor Sayama Taku is a main character in the Japanese medical drama series Liaison (リエゾン-こどものこころ診療所-, Liaison: Kodomo no Kokoro Shinryojo, tl. Liaison: Children's Heart Clinic).

Character creation

Liaison is based on the manga series of the same name by Yonchan and Yusaku Takemura.[2]

Ryohamu, a YouTuber with ADHD, autism and dysgraphia,[3] provided on-set guidance.[4][5] Psychiatrist Takahiro Miki served as medical advisor for the series.[6]

The official website also contains a column with information about the various issues encountered throughout the episode.[7]


Taku's mother died when he was a young child. His father is the director of a large hospital and didn't know how to deal with Taku's autism, leading him to be raised by his paternal aunt Rie. Rie ran a small child psychiatry clinic outside of town. Taku became a child psychiatrist as well in order to help children who were struggling like he was.


At the end of episode 1, Taku reveals that he also has a developmental disability. In episode 3, Shiho asks him if his developmental disability is ASD, specifically Asperger's. In episode 7, he directly says he's autistic. Him being autistic is also repeated multiple times on the official website.[8][9]


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