Seymour Orson (Holby City)

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Seymour Orson
Portrayed by Daniel Hill[1]
Appears in Holby City
Debut season 18, episode 9: "Skin and Blister"
Year 2015

Seymour Orson is a one-time character in the British hospital drama series Holby City.


Seymour is a middle-aged man.


A nurse notices that Seymour has undiagnosed autism when he comes into the hospital for heart problems.

Episode list

Holby City

  • season 18, episode 9: "Skin and Blister"


  • Actor Daniel Hill also appeared in Holby City as two other, unrelated characters: Jeff Latham in season 3, episode 15 ("Winner Takes it All", 2001) and Neil Ferris in season 7, episode 12 ("7 Days Later", 2005).[2]


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