Shahir Hamza (Saving Hope)

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Sahir Hamza
Husein Madhavji as Shahir Hamza: a man with medium skin tone and black hair. He's wearing a purple shirt and grey plaid tie.
Portrayed by Husein Madhavji (as Huse Madhavji)[1]
Appears in Saving Hope
Debut season 1, episode 1: "Pilot"
Year 2012

Doctor Shahir Hamza is a main character in the Canadian supernatural medical series Saving Hope.

Character creation

Actor Husein Madhavji watched documentaries and movies with autistic people to prepare for the role, such as My Name Is Khan. He also went to a social outing of the Asperger's Society of Ontario.[2]


Dr. Hamza is a neurosurgeon at Hope Zion hospital. He is very good at his craft and well-respected by his fellow doctors.[3]


While his profile on the Saving Hope website establishes his autism from the get-go, this is only explicitly stated within the show itself in season 2, episode 11. His profile on the website describes him has having mild Asperger syndrome[4][5] and as an aspie neurosurgeon[6]



  • Shahir is openly gay.[4]


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