Shana (I Don't Have a Cue!)

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Shana base sprite
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Appears in I Don't Have a Cue!
Year 2018

Shana is a main character from the interactive fiction game I Don't Have a Cue!

Character creation

The game was developed for the 2018 Queerly Represent Me Jam.[1] It is currently only available as a demo.


I Don't Have a Cue! centers around navigating social cues in a relationships between an autistic and a non-autistic person.

Shana is literature major with a minor in theatre. When the game starts, she is getting her make-up applied by the other lead character, Hailey, as she prepares for playing a lead role in a play. As it turns out, Hailey has been flirting with her for a while, but she has missed many of the cues (such as winking) and is very surprised when Hailey asks her out on a date. It is at this moment that Shana discloses that she has autism.


Shana is a red-haired woman with green eyes. She wears glasses. Concept art from the artist's Twitter show her wearing wearing a red flannel over a plain white T-shirt and short shorts.[2]


She tends to avoid eye contact, which is visually represented by shifting the view angle around so that her conversational partner is no longer centered on the screen.

Shana finds that having autism helps her be a better actor, since she is already always playing a role. She prefers acting in films over theatre, because "Acting for camera allows a lot more room for subtleties."



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