Tim Warden (Silent Fall)

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Tim Warden
Portrayed by Ben Faulkner[1]
Appears in Silent Fall
Year 1994

Tim Warden is a main character in the thriller movie Silent Fall.

Character creation

Child actor Ben Faulkner did not know what autism was when he took on the role. The cast visited Linwood Children's Center, a school for autistic children. Dr. Mark Comrad from the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital served as a psychiatric consultant (credited as technical advisor).[2]


When his parents are discovered brutally murdered, 9-year-old Tim is caught with the knife and covered in blood. Therapist Jake Rainer is enlisted to help figure out what happened.


Tim is stated to be autistic in the movie. He has no expressive speech but can mimic people's voices with a high degree of accuracy. He is described by Jake as high-functioning.


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