Simon (Simple Simon)

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Portrayed by Bill Skarsgård
Appears in I rymden finns inga känslor (Simple Simon, lit. In Space There Are No Feelings)
Year 2010

Simon is the main character in the comedy-drama movie I rymden finns inga känslor (Simple Simon, lit. In Space There Are No Feelings).

Character creation

Actor Bill Skarsgård watched documentaries and read about Asperger's in preparation for the role.[1]


17-year-old Simon goes to live with his older brother Sam and Sam's girlfriend Frida. He keeps a very strict routine that his housemates have to live around, which causes tensions both between Simon and Frida, and between Frida and Sam. When Simon interrupts them having sex to say that there's no more toilet paper, Frida finally has enough, dumps Sam, and moves out. She says that Sam should find another girl, so Simon sets out to find him a suitable girlfriend. He asks various questions to women on the streets to ascertain that they fit Sam's tastes (such as if they like cats or dogs, ketchup or mustard, and whether or not they like Simon). He presents Sam a list of women who score the highest on these questions, but Sam explains that like magnets, opposites attract. Again, Simon sets out to find a new girlfriend for Sam, this time someone who's the complete opposite. On his way to work as a groundskeeper he's been bumping into Jennifer, an chaotic and extraverted young woman. They hang out and Simon realizes she's the perfect match for Sam (that is, his polar opposite). Meanwhile, Sam is worried because Simon hasn't said where he's going. When Simon gets back, Sam is mad that he doesn't recognize that he is upset. To get Sam to go on a date, Simon teams up with his colleagues to kidnap Sam and force him to have a romantic dinner with Jennifer. They don't fall in love like Simon had hoped, and he has a meltdown as he's worried that Jennifer will now leave. Jennifer reassures him that she likes him and she's not going anywhere.


Simon is stated to have Asperger's in the movie. His follows a strict schedule (down to the second) and becomes stressed when this is deviated from. When he's overwhelmed, he goes to sit in a barrel and pretends he's in space. In the barrel, his brother talks to him as if it were mission control speaking with an astronaut.

He also loves circles. His weekly planner is displayed on a circle and all of his food are circle-shaped.

He's very averse to touch and slaps or shoves people who touch him without consent. He wears a pin that says "ror mig inte, jag har Asperger" (do not touch me, I have Asperger's).


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