Simone Cole (Clive Barker's Jericho)

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Simone Cole
Simone Cole promotional image
Portrayed by Michele Specht
Appears in Clive Barker's Jericho
Year 2007

Corporal Simone Cole is a main playable character in the horror first-person shooter game Clive Barker's Jericho.


Early life

Cole was diagnosed with autism at age four. Her parents - who are both Silicon Valley programmers - decided to home-school her and encourage her natural aptitude for numbers. She got into MIT at age 14, published a book on chaos mathematics at 19 and got a job as a codebreaker for the NSA before she was 21 - despite her parents' pacifistic tendencies. In her time at the NSA, strange things happened in her unit, such as mass hallucinations, time seemingly going missing, and teleportation of both goods and people. When it was discovered that the source of this havoc was Cole, she was transferred to the Department of Occult Warfare.

Operation Godseal

Cole is part of Jericho Squad 23, team alpha. She partakes in Operation Godseal with the rest of her Jericho Squad. While travelling through layers of time, her main job is resupplying ammunition and giving information such as what year they're in.


Cole is a 21-year-old woman. She's 1.73 m (5' 8") tall and weighs 58 kg (128 lbs). She has ginger hair tied together in braids. Her harness consists mainly of a custom-built computer used to run her Cabalistic programs.


Cole is confirmed to be autistic in the extras section, where she is stated to have been diagnosed with so-called mild autism at age 4. She is quiet and often keeps to herself, and prefers the company of animals over people. Her personality is described as obsessive-compulsive due to being autistic. She speaks very rapidly, sometimes without considering wether her explanation is understandable to her squadmates.


She has a natural aptitude for numbers and is incredibly intelligent, which is the basis for her special abilities. She is a reality hacker, but does this without psychic abilities. Instead, she uses custom Cabalistic programs and chaos mathematics sequences to manipulate space and time. She can work out extremely complicated mathematical programs in her head, and augments these skills with a computer that's built into her armor. Her inclination for numbers also manifests itself in smaller ways; she has memorised pi to 5,300 digits, and screens her gear for favorable serial numbers.


In the 1213 timeslice, Cole and 2 other members get separated from the rest of Jericho squad. They get assaulted by the ghosts of children's crusadors. Cole seems to suffer the most under these attacks. Initially, father Paul Rawlings tries to comfort her, but gets too close into her personal space and she lashes out. At this point, the team members they've been separated from join them again. Lieutenant Abby Black then tries to talk her down, and although Cole initially raises her gun, Black manages to redirect her attention by getting her to talk about phi, the golden ratio.


  • Capitain Devin Ross: Ross double-checks with Cole when she gives him permission to posses her, noting that it is "kind of invasive"; he does not do this with the other team members. It is also noted that she's outgoing and eloquent when he talks to her in her head.
  • Lieutenant Abigail "Abby" Black: shares a bunk with Cole. Black can talk her down from a meltdown by redirectering her attention to reciting the number phi.


  • Abby Black, her bunkmate, insinuates that Cole wets the bed.


Black Rose cutscene: Abby talks down Cole from a meltdown


  • Clive Barker's Jericho, extra's 6/43: Cpl. Simone Cole

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