Henry (Special)

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Portrayed by Buck Andrews
Appears in Special
Debut season 2, episode 4: "Death by a Thousand Cold Cuts"
Year 2021

Henry is a major character in the second season of comedy Netflix series Special.

Character creation

Henry is played by Buck Andrews, who is also gay and neurodivergent.[1][2]


He meets Ryan at the latter's grandmother's funeral - Henry was her gardener. He reveals that he is also gay and invites Ryan to his group of disabled friends, who call themselves the Crips. Henry and Ryan go on a date, but that ends when Ryan gets back with his ex-boyfriend Tanner. They stay friendly with each other throughout, even after Ryan ends up breaking up with Tanner.


Henry describes himself as "on the spectrum. Mild though, so just a sprinkle". He also says "people like me, who were diagnosed with Asperger's but that term is now problematic because whoops it was coined by a Nazi." He stims by flapping his hands.