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Henry special.png
Portrayed byBuck Andrews
Appears inSpecial
Debutseason 2, episode 4 - Death by a Thousand Cold Cuts

Henry is an autistic character appearing in the second season of comedy Netflix series Special.

Henry describes himself as "on the spectrum. Mild though, so just a sprinkle". He also says "people like me, who were diagnosed with Asperger's but that term is now problematic because whoops it was coined by a Nazi."

Henry stims by flapping his hands.

He meets Ryan at the latter's grandmother's funeral - Henry was her gardener. He reveals that he is also gay and invites Ryan to his group of disabled friends, who call themselves the Crips. Henry and Ryan go on a date, but that ends when Ryan gets back with his ex-boyfriend Tanner. They stay friendly with each other throughout, even after Ryan ends up breaking up with Tanner.

Henry is a rather flamboyant, in-your-face type of guy. He's very direct and speaks what's on his mind. He can enjoy wearing skirts and dresses.

Henry is played by Buck Andrews, who is also gay and neurodivergent.[1][2]