Squeak (The Squeaky Wheel)

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Squeak the mouse sitting at their laptop. They are wearing a yellow duck hoodie, there's a duck toy on their desk, and duck stickers on their laptop. A "quack" sound comes from the laptop.
Portrayed by
Appears in Squeak, the autistic mouse
Debut volume 1: hyperfocus
Year 2023

Squeak the autistic mouse is the main character of the Squeak, the autistic mouse series of cartoons by the disability satire website The Squeaky Wheel.

Character creation

The comics are illustrated by autistic illustrator frutilily.[1]


The cartoons focus on relatable aspects of autistic life, such as special interests and masking. Squeak has a special interest in ducks.

The third installment, "'tism on the tv", criticizes mainstream autism representation. They mention "the autistic arrogant doctor", a reference to Shaun Murphy from The Good Doctor.

List of cartoons

  • Volume 1: hyperfocus[1]
  • Volume 2: holiday masking[2]
  • Volume 3: 'tism on the tv[3]
  • Volume 4: Valentine solo[4]