Stevie (I Used to Be Famous)

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Portrayed by Leo Long[1]
Appears in I Used to be Famous
Debut episode 1: "The Hunting Party"
Year 2022

Stevie is a main character in the drama movie I Used to be Famous.

Character creation

Director Eddie Sternberg has an autistic cousin with high support needs; Saul Zur-Szpiro. He plays the drums in The AutistiX, a band where the majority of the members are also autistic.

To find an actor for the role of Stevie, a nationwide casting call for autistic and otherwise neurodivergent actors was sent out. They ended up going with actor Leo Long, who is neurodivergent.[2][3]


The movie follows the unlikely friendship between Stevie, a young drummer, and Vinnie D, a washed-up former member of a famous boyband.


Stevie is described as autistic in the description of the official trailer.[4] In the movie itself, autism is only named when his mother quips "what do you know about autism?" to Vinnie.


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