Sylvia Grow (Ouija Room)

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Sylvia Grow
Portrayed by Joni Durian
Appears in Ouija Room (also known as Haunting Inside)
Year 2019

Sylvia Grow is the main character in the supernatural horror movie Ouija Room (also known as Haunting Inside)[1][2]


After the death of their parents, Sammy takes over the care of his agoraphobic and autistic sister Sylvia. At the request of her psychiatrist, Sammy buys a bunch of games to keep her occupied, and this is how she ends up with a ouija board. Eventually Sammy has to start looking for work, and Sylvia has to stay home alone during the day. She starts making friends with various ghosts summoned through the ouija board: a little girl, an old-timesy maffia guy, and a punk rock woman. They are initially friendly: teaching Sylvia to cook, protecting her from the psychiatrist who turns out to be a creep, playing with her while her brother is out and about. Using the trust they've gained, they manipulate Sylvia into picking a fight with Sammy's girlfriend Rebecca, causing them to break up, and push Sammy into looking into institutionalizing Sylvia. While the spirits continue to rope Sylvia into playing their "game", the ghost of their mom comes to visit Sammy to warn him that ghosts need the living to do their bidding. The game culminates with a ritual where the ghosts urge Sylvia to shoot Sammy with their father's old gun, but she ends up shooting the ouija board instead, though this does not completely destroy the ghosts. While making their escape, she goes outside for the first time in years. Somehow, the ouija board ends up back in the secondhand section of the board game shop where Sammy initially bought it, and gets sold to another customer.


The official synopsis describes her as an agoraphobic woman with autism.[3]


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