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Tegan Butter
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Appears inMiCoVerse
Debutchapter 30 - "Hearing Things 2"

Tegan Butter is a supporting character in the webcomic MiCoVerse.

Character creation[edit]

Author Emily "MushroomMinded" Potgeter states she does not have much experience with openly autistic children or autism in general.[1]


Tegan is adopted and has one older brother. She attends the same school as the main characters, Cody and Milo.


Tegan is a middle school-aged girl. She has strawberry blond hair, which she usually wears in pigtails. She often wears pink clothes. She usually carries a pink shoulder bag with her.


The author confirmed that Tegan is autistic in the comments of the Webtoon.[2] This is further corroborated by posts on the auhtor's Tumblr.[3][4][5]

Tegan values being truthful and is often blunt in doing so, saying exactly what is on her mind without a lot of regard for the context of the situation or how her statements might affect other characters' emotions. She has stated "I don't understand people." [6]


Tegan's character was initially a divisive point within the MiCoVerse fandom. Her disregard for other characters' feelings has gathered her some critique, while others point out that she still is a child and has good intentions, even if she doesn't execute them particularly gracefully. Most of these critiques have died down as the story progressed.


  • Multiple drawings on the artist's blog feature Tegan wearing an aromantic flag shirt.[7][8]


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