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As We See It is based on the Israeli series On the Spectrum. Creator Jason Katims has a son with Asperger's and had previously created Parenthood, a series about a family with an autistic son. Contrary to Parenthood, where the autistic character is played by a non-autistic actor, Katims wanted to cast autistic actors for the autistic roles As We See It. All autistic characters are played by autistic actors, and some autistic actors play neurotypical characters. Aside from the actors, there were also neurodivergent people among the behind-the-scenes crew, including in the writers room. Elaine Hall, an autism consultant, worked to support neurodivergent cast and crew and to answer questions from neurotypical crew. She also had a small role as the acting coach for the drama club.[1]Shooting days were short and the set was kept as calm as one can reasonably keep a TV set.[2]