Thaddeus Fallon (The Dead Zone)

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Thaddeus Fallon
Cole Heppell as Thaddeus Fallon: a white tween boy with a mop of dark blond hair. He is sitting on his bed with a box on his left. He's holding his head tilted to the right, and has a blank expression on his face.
Portrayed by
Appears in The Dead Zone
Debut season 4, episode 5: "Heroes and Demons"
Year 2005

Thaddeus Fallon is a one-time character in the science-fiction drama series The Dead Zone.


Pen and watercolor fantasy drawing of three figures from the chest up: Johnny, a blond white man with a blue cape, Thaddeus, a blond white boy with a blue shirt and wearing a golden medallion, and Bruce, a black man with black hair and a green jacket. Bruce also has elf ears.
Thaddeus' drawing of Johnny, himself, and Bruce

Thaddeus is 12 years old. His mom Irene died in a car accident. He was stuck in the car with her. Some time later, his dad Ryan was arrested. Ryan, a police officer, gets sentenced to death after supposedly killing an undercover cop. He then goes to live with his paternal aunt Callie, who struggles to take care of him. To prove his father's innocence and get him off death row, Thaddeus seeks out the help of Johnny Smith, the main character of the series who can see the past and future by touching personal objects. Johnny and his partner Bruce Lewis try to uncover what actually happened, but Thaddeus being nonverbal complicates this. Through Thaddeus' drawings, the true culprit is found, and his father is freed.


Julia Arkos as the fantasy version of Irene Fallon: a white woman with long, black curly hair. She's wearing a silver elven crown, a necklace, and a white gown, resembling Tolkien's elfs. She's standing in front of a pitch black background.
Fantasy view of Irene, Thaddeus' mother

Thaddeus is stated to be autistic in the episode. He is nonverbal. He relates to the world through Tolkien-esque fantasy drawings that he makes. His fantasy character is named Finn the Silent. His mother appears as an elf-like narrator in his stories.

Before his mother's death, he was in a mainstream schooling program. After she died, he experienced a regression, and he stopped talking altogether after his dad was arrested.

His mother was generally more able to connect with him based on his interests, whereas his father used to get upset about not being able to do "normal" father-son things like play baseball.

He is overwhelmed by touch and sound. He does not make eye contact. He constantly rocks and hums, even more so when upset. At the end of the episode, he makes eye contact with his dad and Johnny, and touches his dad's hand.


  • Actor Cole Heppell later also played the role of Claude in the 2011 movie Red Riding Hood; though this character is not stated to be autistic, he is obviously developmentally disabled.

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