Morgan Wiberg (The Stonecutter)

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Morgan Wiberg
Portrayed by
Appears in Stenhuggaren (The Stonecutter)
Year 2005

Morgan Wiberg is a supporting character in the Swedish crime novel Stenhuggaren (The Stonecutter) by Camilla Läckberg.


Morgan is one of the suspects in the murder of a 7-year-old girl in the small Swedish town of Fjällbacka.


He is stated to have Asperger syndrome in the novel.


The portrayal drew some criticism for perpetrating harmful misconceptions about autism, such as describing people with Asperger's as having great egocentrism.[1]


The novel was adapted into a TV movie of the same name, with Karl Malmberg playing Morgan Wiberg.[2] The adapted version of the character is also autistic.


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