Thea Sperelakis (The Second Opinion)

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Thea Sperelakis
Portrayed by Melissa Farman
Appears in The Second Opinion
Debut episode 1: "The Hunting Party"
Year 2009

Doctor Alethea "Thea" Sperelakis is the main character in the medical thriller novel The Second Opinion by Michael Palmer

Character creation

Author Michael Palmer has a son with Asperger syndrome.[1][2]


Thea is the daughter of world-renowned physician Petros Sperelakis. When he gets into a severe car accident, she starts to uncover a web of lies and conspiracies at the hospital he worked at.


Thea is stated to have Asperger's syndrome in chapter 1. She was also previously diagnosed with ADD.[3][4] She has near-photographic memory and can easily recall almost verbatim information from medical journals she has read. Her older brother Dimitri Sperelakis is also autistic, albeit undiagnosed.


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