Thea Sperelakis (The Second Opinion)

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Thea Sperelakis
Portrayed by
Appears in The Second Opinion
Year 2009

Doctor Alethea "Thea" Sperelakis is the main character in the medical thriller novel The Second Opinion by Michael Palmer

Character creation

Author Michael Palmer has a son with Asperger syndrome.[1][2]


Thea is the daughter of world-renowned physician Petros Sperelakis. When he gets into a severe car accident, she starts to uncover a web of lies and conspiracies at the hospital he worked at.


Thea is stated to have Asperger's syndrome in chapter 1. She was also previously diagnosed with ADD.[3][4] She has near-photographic memory and can easily recall almost verbatim information from medical journals she has read. Her older brother Dimitri Sperelakis is also autistic, albeit undiagnosed.


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