Theis (Rita)

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Portrayed by Bror Juul Bergsøe [1]
Appears in Rita
Debut season 2, episode 3: "Far, mor og børn" ("And Baby Makes Three")
Year 2013

Theis is a one-time character in the Danish television series Rita.


Theis is a first-grader. He is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when the school psychologist raises concern over him always sitting with teacher Hjørdis instead of playing with other kids. The psychologist recommends that he is taught normal behaviour, but Hjørdis is worried about this because she doesn't want him to be forced to be normal. She tries to talk Theis' parents into sending him to another school where there'd be more resources to help Theis without having to force anything onto him, but his parents think she's just trying to get rid of him so she doesn't have to go through the trouble of teaching an autistic student. However, they eventually change their minds and decide to send him to a smaller school.


Theis is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome during the episode - the special needs expert also refers to it as "borderline autistic". His form teacher remarks that he doesn't really engage with other kids or say hello to teachers, though he does spontaneously reach out to Hjørdis. Theis takes a great interest in insects and readily shares facts about them with anyone who listens.

When he is diagnosed, the school psychologist and special needs expert say "When caught at this early age, Asperger's children can be socialised and made to learn normal behaviour, but it requires hard work and dedication. Theis can become a completely normal, well-balanced boy if we can force him out of his patterns."

Episode list


  • season 2, episode 3: "Far, mor og børn" ("And Baby Makes Three")


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