Tiger Mitchell (Texas Heart)

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Portrayed by Kam Dabrowski[1]
Appears in Texas Heart
Year 2016

Tiger Mitchell is a major character in the American drama movie Texas Heart.

Character creation

Actor Kam Dabrowski spent time learning about autistic people to prepare for the role.[2]


Early life

In the small town of Juniper, Texas, Tiger's dad used to cook meth in the house when he was a baby (leading some townsfolk to speculate that's why he "turned out the way he did"). His dad shot his mom because he thought she was cheating on him. This happened right around when Tiger's younger brother Roy was born. After that, Roy and Tiger were raised by their grandmother.


Tiger befriends Peter, a lawyer who has taken to hiding out in Texas because he's being chased by the mob.

Roy and his girlfriend Allison become homecoming king and queen. This saddens Tiger, because he thinks Allison is his girlfriend. Shortly thereafter, when Allison goes missing after a fight with Roy, the police question Tiger to see if he knows anything. When they find Allison's bloodied clothes in his truck, he becomes the main suspect. The police press on during interrogations, threatening to hurt his dog Buddy and generally infringing on his rights. They force him to sign a confession.

Peter becomes Tiger's lawyer as the trial begins. Peter offers up an alternative explanation for what happened on the night of Allison's disappearance: she got home and had a fight with her dad. When Tiger drove by their house, he offered to help her clean up garbage from their garage. Allison gave him some stuff to take to the garbage dump, as well as a trash bag with her bloody clothes from the fight. She then ran away from home. The jury finds Tiger not guilty. However, because of the publicity around the case, the mob has manages to track down Peter. When he is captured by a couple of henchmen, the townsfolk step in with their guns and rescue him.

Peter eventually moves out of town because the mob are still chasing him and he doesn't want to endanger the other townspeople. At a beach resort in Malibu, he suddenly realises that Allison is his waitress.


Tiger is described as "slow", "special", "not playing with a full deck", "simple-minded" and "like a really tall 10-year-old boy" by the townsfolk.

He is stated to be autistic by writer Daniel Blake Smith[3] and by the movie's social media pages.[4][5]


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