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A non-comprehensive list of non-fiction literature about autism and autistic people.

Please note that some of these contain offensive, outdated, or blatantly false information. As with everything on this wiki, inclusion does not equal endorsement.

Year Title ISBN Author(s) Notes
1967 The Siege: The First Eight Years of an Autistic Child 9780316690768 Clara Claiborne Park parent account
1976 Son Rise: The Miracle Continues 9780915811618 Barry Neil Kaufman parent account
1978 In a summer garment: The experience of an autistic child 9780436260551 Ann Lovell parent account
1981 A Miracle to Believe In 9780449201084 Barry Neil Kaufman parent account
1986 Emergence: Labeled Autistic 9780446671828 Temple Grandin autobiography
1992 Nobody Nowhere: The Extraordinary autobiography of an Autistic Girl 9781853027185 Donna Williams autobiography
1995 An Anthropologist on Mars 0679437851 Oliver Sacks
1995 Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism 9780385477925 Temple Grandin autobiography
2000 Growing Up Severely Autistic: They Call Me Gabriel 9781853028915 Kate Rankin parent account
2001 Exiting Nirvana: A Daughter's Life with Autism 9780316691246 Clara Claiborne Park parent account
2002 Van een andere planeet; autisme van binnen uit (From Another Planet: Autism from Within)[1] 9789052406596 Dominique Dumortier autobiography
2003 The Essential Difference: Men, Women and the Extreme Male Brain 9780241961353 Simon Baron-Cohen pop science
2003 The Ride Together: A Brother and Sister's Memoir of Autism in the Family 9780743423373 Paul and Judy Karasik sibling account
2004 Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior 978-0156031448 Temple Grandin autobiography
2004 Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism 9781582343679 Paul Collins parent account
2005 A Boy Beyond Reach Cheri Florance parent account
2006 Born on a Blue Day[2] 9781416535072 Daniel Temmet autobiography
2006 Natural Genius: The Gift of Asperger's Syndrome Susan Rubinyi parent account
2006 Send in the Idiots: Stories from the Other Side of Autism 9781582346199 Kamran Nazeer anthology
2006 Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism 9781573223119 Portia Iversen parent account, facilitated communication
2007 A Blessing and a Curse: Autism and Me Caiseal Mór autobiography
2007 Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's[3][4] 9780307395986 John Elder Robison autobiography
2007 Louder than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism 9780525950110 Jenny McCarthy parent account
2007 Reasonable People: A Memoir of Autism and Adoption Ralph James Savarese parent account
2007 The Reason I Jump: One Boy's Voice from the Silence of Autism[5][6] 9780812994865 Naoki Higashida autobiography
2008 A Real Boy: How Autism Shattered Our Lives and Made a Family from the Pieces[7][8] 9781843172666 Christopher Stevens, Nicola Stevens parent account
2008 Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds Jenny McCarthy parent account
2009 Healing and Preventing Autism 9780525951032 Jenny McCarthy parent account
2009 Parallel Play[9] 9780767929691 Tim Page autobiography
2011 Am I Still Autistic?: How a Low-Functioning, Slightly Retarded Toddler Became the CEO of a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation[10] 9780615504667 John R. Hall autobiography
2012 Boomer and Me: A Memoir of Motherhood, and Asperger's[11] Jo Case parent account
2012 Dear Miss Landau James Christie autobiography
2012 In de coulissen: leven met een autistisch gezin (In the Wings: Life with an Autistic Family)[12] 9789460011696 Lea Witvrouwen parent account
2012 Syngja (Sing) Lars Amund Vaage parent account
2012 i am intelligent: From Heartbreak to Healing: A Mother and Daughter's Journey through Autism 9780762779253 Peyton Goddard, Dianne Goddard, Carol Cujec autobiography
2013 L'empereur, c'est moi : Une enfance en autisme[13] (I Am the Emperor: A Childhood in Autism) 9782761939164 Hugo Horiot autobiography
2013 Louis, pas à pas (Louis, step by step) 9782253173342 Francis Perrin, Gersende Perrin parent account
2013 Until I Say Good-Bye: My Year of Living with Joy Susan Spencer-Wendel parent account
2014 A Different Kettle of Fish: A Day in the Life of a Physics Student with Autism 9781849055321 Michael Barton autobiography
2014 Each Day I Like It Better: Autism, ECT, and the Treatment of Our Most Impaired Children 9780826519764 Amy S. F. Lutz parent account
2015 Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8: A Young Man's Voice from the Silence of Autism 9780812997392 Naoki Higashida autobiography
2015 Just Add Water: A Surfing Savant's Journey with Asperger's 9780544256217 Clay Marzo, Robert Yehling autobiography
2015 NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity 9781583334676 Steve Silberman history of autism
2015 The Autistic Author and Animator: A mother's view of a daughter's triumph 9780995311107 Janet Walmsley parent account
2015 Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism 9781476776231 Barry M. Prizant, Tom Fields-Meyer
2016 In a Different Key: The Story of Autism[14] John Donvan, Caren Zucker history of autism
2016 Josh's Big Year: From Deserts to Jungles, a battle with Asperger's[15] 9780620735094 Josh Crickmay autobiography
2017 To Siri With Love: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of a Machine[16] Judith Newman parent account
2017 Odd Girl Out: An Autistic Woman in a Neurotypical World Laura James autobiography
2017 Successful to Burnt Out: Experiences of Women on the Autism Spectrum Karletta Abianac anthology
2018 Autistisch gelukkig: positief leven met autisme (Autistically happy: living positively with autism) 978-9085750703 Sam Peeters
2018 Op mijn manier: (over)leven met autisme Dominique Dumortier autobiography
2019 Communication Alternatives in Autism: Perspectives on Typing and Spelling Approaches for the Nonspeaking[17] 9781476678917 Edlyn Vallejo Peña anthology, facilitated communication
2019 "That's Not Right!": My life living with Asperger's 9781999621353 Alex Manners autobiography
2019 Uncomfortable Labels: My Life as a Gay Autistic Trans Woman Laura Kate Dale autobiography
2020 "But You Said...?!": A Story of Confusion Caused By Growing Up as an Undiagnosed Autistic Person 979-8567214725 Emma Wishart autobiography
2020 I Overcame My Autism and All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder: A Memoir[18] Sarah Kurchak autobiography
2020 The Pattern Seekers: How Autism Drives Human Invention[19] 9781541647145 Simon Baron-Cohen autism science
2020 We Walk: Life with Severe Autism[20] Amy S. F. Lutz 9781501751394 parent account
2021 Drama Queen: One Autistic Woman and a Life of Unhelpful Labels 9781472274366 Sara Gibbs autobiography
2021 From Hurt to Hope: Stories of Mental Health, Mental Illness and Being Autistic 9781787755857 Mair Elliott anthology
2021 Hard Landings: Looking Into the Future for a Child With Autism[21] 9780525539056 Cammie McGovern parent account
2021 Label Me: My Journey Towards an Autism Diagnosis [22] Francesca Baird autobiography
2021 Sincerely, Your Autistic Child: What People on the Autism Spectrum Wish Their Parents Knew About Growing Up, Acceptance, and Identity 9780807025680 Sharon daVanport, Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, Emily Paige Ballou parenting resource
2021 Whore of New York: A Confession 9781913462567 Liara Roux autobiography
2023 Chasing the Intact Mind: How the Severely Autistic and Intellectually Disabled Were Excluded from the Debates That Affect Them Most[23] 9780197683842 Amy S. F. Lutz
2023 Strong Female Character 9781914240447 Fern Brady autobiography