Townes Linderman

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Townes Linderman
Portrayed byDaniel Maslany[1]
Appears inImpulse
Debutseason 1, episode 1: "Pilot" (2018)

Townes Atticus Linderman is a supporting character in the American science fiction drama series Impulse.

Character creation[edit]

Townes was initially described as "muscley, tattooed and brooding" and only later developed into the more nerdy character that appears in the series.[2] Actor Daniel Maslany met with an autism specialist to develop the character.[3]


Townes considers himself to be a sidekick in Henry Coles' hero's journey, as she learns to control her newly discovered teleportation skills.


He is referred to—though not by name—as "a student with autism" by Henry.[4]

Episode list[edit]

Townes is a recurring character in season 1 and a main character in season 2. Though a 3rd season was in the works, the series was cancelled in 2020.[5]