Townes Linderman (Impulse)

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Townes Linderman
Portrayed by Daniel Maslany[1]
Appears in Impulse
Debut season 1, episode 1: "Pilot"
Year 2018

Townes Atticus Linderman is a supporting character in the American science fiction drama series Impulse.

Character creation

Townes was initially described as "muscley, tattooed and brooding" and only later developed into the more nerdy character that appears in the series.[2] Actor Daniel Maslany met with an autism specialist to develop the character.[3]


Townes considers himself to be a sidekick in Henry Coles' hero's journey, as she learns to control her newly discovered teleportation skills.


He is referred to—though not by name—as "a student with autism" by Henry.[4]

Episode list

Townes is a recurring character in season 1 and a main character in season 2. Though a 3rd season was in the works, the series was cancelled in 2020.[5]


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