Trooper Charlie (Mack & Moxy)

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Trooper Charlie
Portrayed by Charlie Owens[1]
Appears in Mack and Moxy
Debut season 1, episode 5: "A Spectrum of Possibilities"
Year 2016

Trooper Charlie is a one-time character in the animated children's series Mack & Moxy.

Character creation

Trooper Charlie is voiced by Charlie Owens, who also has autism.[2] Disability organisation Easterseals was also involved in creating the episode. One of the writers has a child on the spectrum and wanted to ensure there was an episode on autism inclusion.[3]


Charlie is a young boy with blond hair, wearing a trooper uniform.

Episode list

Mack and Moxy

  • season 1, episode 5: "A Spectrum of Possibilities"

See also

  • Little Bird, another autistic character from the same episode


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