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I don't want to introduce a formal, rigid good vs. bad dichotomy, because I don't think such a dichotomy is useful. At the same time, I know most people aren't really interested in all autistic characters and would rather like a list of characters that have a decent chance of being somewhat enjoyable to watch/read/play.

That being said, here is my Ultimate Guide to Autistic Characters That I At Least Kinda Like. The only criterion for inclusion is that I at least kind of like them. That's it, that's the list. This is not a "these are the only good autistic characters" or "all these characters are perfect", this is just "list of characters that one weirdo on the internet thinks are at least somewhat enjoyable".

Check out the general list of autistic characters if you want an overview of all autistic characters currently on the wiki.

My beloved

aka the reason I started this wiki

  • Birgit Goethals in Clan - dark comedy-drama focused on the Goethals sisters who are trying to kill their asshat of a brother-in-law. Who said that murder can't be a special interest?

Secondary beloveds

I really really love these and have read/watched/played them multiple times

  • Rebecca Blithely in Strange Empire - magical-realist gothic Canadian western with an autistic doctor
  • Saga Norén in The Bridge (Bron|Broen) - Scandinoir crime series with autistic main character. Multiple remakes exist but nothing beats the original
  • Stina Vik in Modus - Scandinoir series with supporting autistic character. Less dark than The Bridge
  • Victor Hoppe in The Angel Maker - Belgian drama novel about an autistic doctor, his triplets, genetics, and more fun stuff
  • Woo Young-woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo - light-hearted legal drama with an autistic lawyer
  • Rudy Marsman in Marsman - neurotypical guy looks after his autistic brother after their mother dies except this series does it with more heart than any other piece of fiction attempting this trope
  • Wendy Welcott in Please Stand By - coming of age road trip sibling drama, featuring autistic wanderlust
  • Han Geu-ru in Move to Heaven - focusing on an autistic trauma cleaner after the sudden death of his dad
  • Josh Sauchak in Watch Dogs 2 - open-world type game, Josh is a main non-player character who is a hacker
  • Simone Cole in Clive Barker's Jericho - FPS horror, Cole is a playable character
  • Christian Wolff in The Accountant - action-thriller with a pinch of martial arts
  • Ben in Ben X - graphic novel about an autistic teen who finds refuge in video games

Haven't finished yet

Stuff that I haven't completely finished yet but that I like so far

  • Matthew in The Chosen - series based on the life of Jesus Christ. Yes that's Matthew as in "the gospel according to Matthew"
  • Saitou Megumi in That's My Atypical Girl - series focused on an autistic woman and her relationship with manga artist Yokoi
  • Fang Yi-jen in The Victims Game - autistic forensic detective with a healthy dose of interfamilial troubles
  • Astrid Nielsen in Astrid et Raphaëlle - French police series
  • Sara Eriksson in Young Royals - Swedish teen drama set in an elite boarding school
  • Gin Ibushi in Your Turn to Die -Death Game By Majority- - episodic horror adventure visual novel style game
  • Brun Khoury in Questionable Content - a very long-running webcomic. You don't need to have read the entire thing, you can pick up pretty much anywhere. I started on #3210, where she is first introduced
  • Barry Erry Ill and Uni Sock Cornelius in Sparklecare Hospital - a brightly colored and grimly themed exploration of the troubles with the US mental health system
  • Tegan Butter in MiCoVerse - paranormal mystery webcomic
  • Gary Bell in Alphas - superhero drama
  • Edward in Not Dead Yet - some light comedic drama sitcom type of thing

Older stuff

Pre-2008 characters, because I refuse to give up on the notion that the only acceptable autistic characters were made after 2019. (aside from being 20 years after Rain Man coming out, 2008 is a pretty arbitrary cut-off)

  • Victor Hoppe in The Angel Maker - Belgian drama novel about an autistic doctor, his triplets, genetics, and more fun stuff
  • Simone Cole in Clive Barker's Jericho - FPS horror, Cole is a playable character
  • Ben Vertriest in Niets Is Alles Was Hij Zei (Nothing Was All He Said) - based on a true story about bullying. Started as a novel but has also been made into a movie and graphic novel
  • Donald Morton and Isabelle Sorensen in Mozart and the Whale - romantic drama with two autistic savants
  • Hikaru Azuma in With the Light - series focused on an autistic child, his family, and their life throughout the years. Of great historic significance for autism awareness in Japan
  • Michael Falk, autistic reporter from The Onion News Network - satirical news company, made a couple of bits with an autistic reporter
  • Brian in A Place Nearby - when a murder occurs in the neighborhood, Brian is one of the suspects

All the rest


  • Hesketh Lock in The Uninvited - following an autistic anthropologist as the world kind of ends
  • Denise Lichtveld in On the Edge of Gone - near-future sci-fi young adult novel
  • Sunday Forrester in All the Little Bird-Hearts - psychological drama featuring an undiagnosed autistic woman in the 1980s
  • The narrator in Why Johnny Doesn't Flap: NT is OK! - satirical picture book


  • Max Horowitz in Mary and Max - dark comedy-drama claymation
  • Carl in Drought - coming of age road trip sibling drama
  • Luke and Zack in The Story of Luke - coming of age comedy-drama
  • Laura Yip in For Izzy - coming of age comedy-drama
  • Nick Young in White Frog - coming of age teenage drama
  • Adam Raki in Adam - romantic drama movie
  • Zen in Chocolate - martial arts. The autistic character is the one kicking ass
  • Billy Cranston in Power Rangers - superhero movie
  • Katy Evans in Acceptable Damage - indie British drama movie focusing on bullying and youth crime
  • Temple Grandin (Temple Grandin) in Temple Grandin - biopic about Temple Grandin
  • Ray Boelens in Daylight - Dutch crime thriller
  • Nathan Ellis in X+Y - loosely based on a real autistic person at the International Maths Olympiad
  • Tomás in This Is Tomás - this guy loves his accordion
  • Anna in The Innocents - this horror movie love its creepy kids with magical powers


  • Carl Destoop and Juliette Destoop in The Twelve - Belgian court drama series, two autistic supporting characters
  • Henry in Special - comedy-drama written by and for and with queer people and people with disabilities
  • Fiona Helbron in Elementary - modern reboot of Sherlock Holmes
  • Abed Nadir in Community - American sitcom set in a community college
  • Jerry Espenson in Boston Legal - Americal legal series, Jerry is a lawyer and recurring character
  • Shahir Hamza in Hope Zion - supernatural hospital series
  • Entrapta in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - sword and planet princess adventure
  • Liam in DinoSquad - one-time character to educate children about autism
  • Julia in Sesame Street - recurring character first developed for autism awareness campaign
  • Sean in Fancy Nancy - minor recurring character to educate children about autism
  • Gabrielle Jacobs - autistic surgeon that was surprisingly well-handled for being 2009
  • Townes Linderman in Impulse - sidekick in the main character's hero journey
  • Luz Hendriks in Arcadia - dystopian sci-fi about a society with a social score


  • Cove Holden in Our Life: Beginnings & Always - romance visual novel, Cove is your love interest
  • River Wyles in To the Moon - psychological narrative game that will punch you in the feels in the most beautiful way
  • Brigid Tenenbaum in BioShock - retrofuturistic FPS, dr. Tenenbaum plays a key role in the story
  • Patricia Tannis in Borderlands - space Western science-fantasy FPS
  • Shana in I Don't Have a Cue! - narrative fiction, only available as a demo


  • Emma in Jade Street Protection Services - superhero comic thingy
  • Daniel Becket in Sharp Zero - superhero comic
  • Tatsuki Nakagawa in Sazanka - oneshot
  • Rosa Reyes in FPB: Federal Bureau of Physics - sci-fi
  • Mark Shiffron in Postal - Mark is a postal worker in an unhinged, fundamentalist small town

Short films

  • Gerda in #Gerda - humorous short film about an autistic photographer going in for his 7th job interview
  • Ollie in Circles - coming of age youth short film
  • Renee in Loop - short film about a nonspeaking autistic girl and the relationship with a nonautistic boy
  • Lúna in Reglur Leiksins (Rules of the Game) - Icelandic short film


  • Riley Almanzor in Less is Morgue - horror-comedy (but more comedy than horror) episodic podcast. Riley is one of the hosts
  • Jack Schneider in What's the Rule? - neurodivergent-led web production