Vanessa Richter (Our Time Is Now)

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Vanessa Richter
Portrayed by Peri Baumeister
Appears in Unsere Zeit ist jetzt (Our Time Is Now)
Year 2016

Vanessa Richter is a main character in the German comedy movie Unsere Zeit ist jetzt (Our Time Is Now).

Character creation

Actress Peri Baumeister met with several people with Asperger's to prepare for the role.[1]


German rapper Cro wants to make a movie and starts a competition to find a filmmaker. Vanessa, a film student, is one of the three final candidates. Each candidate has their own approach; Vanessa intends to make a documentary about Cro's life.


She refers to herself with the word "Asperger". The official synopsis also describes her as an "Asperger-Patientin" (Asperger's patient).[2]



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