Victor Hoppe (The Angel Maker)

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Victor Hoppe
Portrayed by
Appears in De engelenmaker (The Angel Maker)
Year 2005

Doctor Victor Hoppe is the main character of the Belgian drama novel De engelenmaker (The Angel Maker).


The most striking and oft-emphasized parts of Victor's appearance are his bright red hair and cleft lip, both of which he inherited from his father. These are also things that his religious mother and superstitious townspeople are wary of due to their association with the devil in traditional folklore. He grows a beard and mustache to attempt to hide the scar from his cleft lip repair.

He is further described as having grey-blue eyes and pale skin, also inherited from his father.


The Angel Maker is quite a popular book for assigned readings in Flanders and the Netherlands. Amongst Dutch high school students, it is the most appreciated book for assigned readings.[1]


A potential sequel is in the works. The working title is De engel van Wolfheim (The Angel of Wolfheim).[2]


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