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Portrayed byScarlett Marshall[1]
Appears inYou Want a Sandwich? (2009)

Sammy is a character in the short film You Want a Sandwich?

Character creation[edit]

The opening of the film states "inspired by all the autistic kids I worked with".


Sammy and her sister Ash are sitting on a park bench. Ash is talking about various life problems such as work, her boyfriend, buying new shoes. Sammy does not speak, but the subtitles show her response to Ash' rambling - such as that Ash should focus more on work than boys or reminding Ash that their mom asked them to buy milk.


Sammy is described as "suffering from autism" by director Aliakbar Campwala.[2]

She is rocking back and forth while her sister is talking at her and though Sammy does not look at Ash or show other signs of being invested in the conversation, the subtitles show her inner dialogue and responses the various topics that Ash brings up. Several shots show Sammy's point of view, which is distorted both in colors and in audio.


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