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Portrayed bySeth Green
Appears inThe Story of Luke

Zack is a character in the 2012 comedy film The Story of Luke.


Zack's full name is Zackary, but he does not like being called that. He works at Click&Easy, his father's company.


Zack is a gruff young man, around mid-twenties. He has red hair and a beard. He wears multiple layers of dark, heavy clothes.


Zack is implied to be autistic in the film. He describes himself to Luke as "we're alike, you and I" and "I'm not normal either [...] I'm nowhere near as dumb as you, but undeniably different." The actor explicitly states Zack to be autistic in an interview [1]

Zack he spent lots of times analysing the behaviours of neurotypicals, whom he calls NTs. He made a simulator for human behaviour.

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