Zack (The Story of Luke)

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Portrayed by Seth Green
Appears in The Story of Luke
Year 2012

Zack is a character in the comedy-drama movie The Story of Luke.

Character creation

Seth Green says he attempted to act with subtlety and more "from an internal place than some kind of outward physical detail".[1]


Zack's full name is Zackary, but he does not like being called that. He works at Click&Easy, his father's company.


Zack is implied to be autistic in the movie. He describes himself to Luke as "we're alike, you and I" and "I'm not normal either [...] I'm nowhere near as dumb as you, but undeniably different." The actor explicitly states Zack to be autistic in an interview [2]

Zack he spent lots of times analysing the behaviours of neurotypicals, whom he calls NTs. He made a simulator for human behaviour.

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