Zoe Lowell (Code Black)

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Zoe Lowell
Portrayed by Aalyrah Caldwell [1]
Appears in Code Black
Debut season 2, episode 12: "One in a Million"
Year 2017

Zoe Lowell is a one-time character in the American medical series Code Black.


Zoe is initially very agitated when she's brought into the ER; the doctors initially don't know that she's autistic which makes communication difficult. Luckily her mother quickly arrives to help her calm down and clarify the situation. The doctors have trouble finding out what is wrong because they can't properly communicate with her. They eventually figure that, since she speaks with the voice assistant on her phone, they can try calling her with a similar automated voice to try and get her to talk. Though it's not perfect, they end up figuring out that she has theretofore undiagnosed cystic fibrosis.


Zoe is stated to be autistic in the series by her mother. She is also described as "a girl with autism" on the show's website.[2] She talks to her phone and uses echolalia to repeat phrases from things on TV. When she's in pain, she starts counting.

The episode title "One in a Million" refers to the odds of being autistic and having cystic fibrosis: the episode states the global prevalence of autism as 1 in 68, and the prevalence of cystic fibrosis in African-American people as 1 in 17,000. This gives a 1 in 1,156,000 chance of having both.


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