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Appears inSpecial Forces
Debutissue 1

Zone is a character in the American comic series Special Forces.

Character creation[edit]

Inspiration for the story and its lead character came from 2 incidents where autistic teens were recruited into the US military during the Iraq war.[1]


He was recruited into the army by sergeant Ramirez under the false pretense that it would get him friends.


Zone is stated to be autistic multiple times within the comic.[2] He thrives on military discipline and greatly enjoys menial tasks such as disassembling and reassembling a weapon or latrine duty.[1] He has a list with everything he needs to do and follows it very strictly, even in face of danger.[1] He also carries toy soldier everywhere, getting violent when it is taken and putting himself in danger to retrieve it. Felony exploits both these tendencies to keep Zone out of danger.[3] He is very resistant to pain, continuing to get up after being shot multiple times to finish the tasks on his list.[1]


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